October 2014 Book Discussions

Stop by the Adult Services Desk at the Main Library (Harnish) to pick up your copies today!

* Book Clubbers
Meets the first Thursday of each month.
Thursday, October 2nd @ 7pm (Meets at EASTGATE this month!)

Before I Go to Sleep
by S. J. Watson

An amnesiac attempts to reconstruct her past by keeping a journal and discovers the dangerous inconsistencies in the stories of her husband and her secret doctor.



* Spine-crackers
Meets the first Friday of each month.
Friday, October 3rd @ 10am (Meets at EASTGATE this month)

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
by Jonas Jonasson

Confined to a nursing home and about to turn 100, Allan Karlsson, who has a larger-than-life back story as an explosives expert, climbs out of the window in his slippers and embarks on an unforgettable adventure involving thugs, a murderous elephant and a very friendly hot dog stand operator.

* Bookalicious
Meets the second Monday of each month.
Monday, October 13th @ 7pm at the Village Vintner

Monstrous beauty
by Elizabeth Fama.

In alternating chapters, tells of the mermaid Syrenka’s love for Ezra in 1872 that leads to a series of horrific murders, and present-day Hester’s encounter with a ghost that reveals her connection to the murders and to Syrenka.



Classics Book Club
Meets the third Wednesday of each month.
Wednesday, October 15th @ 7pm (Harnish)

The Scarlet Letter
by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Set in a strict Puritan community in 17th-century Boston, this novel tells the moving tale of an adulterous love affair and the retribution that follows.



Nite Readers

Meets the third Thursday of the month.
Thursday, October 16th @ 7pm

The Humans: A Novel
by Matt Haig

Regarding humans unfavorably upon arriving on Earth, a reluctant extraterrestrial assumes the identity of a Cambridge mathematician before realizing that there is more to the human race than he suspected.



* Indicates book clubs that are lead by a staff librarian.